If you saw last week's Trailer Park we were in search of laughs, but this time we're looking for scares. I know, if you want something really scary turn on CNN, right? Don't be so cynical. I'm looking for fear in the controlled environment of a movie theater, the cinematic equivalent of a roller coaster ride. This week on Trailer Park, I could use a good scare.

As an entry in the "evil little kid" sub-genre of horror, some may see traces of 1993's The Good Son, but Joshua reminds me more of the creepy little kids that would often turn up in Italian horror films. Joshua, a disturbingly cold little boy, has all the makings of a serial killer. The family pet and all of the animals in his class room have mysteriously died, and he offers a homeless man five dollars if he can throw a rock at him. Joshua's new baby sister is causing upheaval in the household, and she may well become his first human victim. Some may insist on calling this a thriller rather than a horror film, but why split hairs? Joshua looks creepy as hell, and I mean that in the best way possible. Ryan mentioned this film in his overview of Fox Searchlight's summer releases.

is set in a stylized version of the 1950s, not unlike the one we saw in Pleasantville, although in this world the walking dead have been domesticated and put to work as servants. A boy named Timmy tries to keep the family zombie from being destroyed after it chows down on one of the neighbors, and there's a wonderful Lassie-esque moment when the kid's mother, played by Carrie-Anne Moss, tries to get the speechless zombie to tell her if Timmy is in trouble. I doubt there are any actual scares to be had here, but the movie has enough horror movie trappings to qualify for today's topic, and it looks hilarious. Cinematical's Kim Voynar reviewed the film when it played the Toronto International Film Festival last September. Check out the trailer yourself:

Rise: Blood Hunter
It takes some serious stones for a trailer to brag that the film it is pushing was written by the same people who wrote Gothika, a film that was far more horrendous than horrific. Rise: Blood Hunter stars Lucy Liu as a woman transformed against her will into a vampire and who vows revenge against the vampires who attacked her. At this stage of the game, if you're going to make a vampire movie you need to do something new with it. That's no easy feat, since vampire movies have been around since the silent days, and I'm not seeing much here that I haven't seen before. Snippets of hackneyed dialog like "you owe it to yourself to stop hating what you are," and "every war has its casualties, Sadie. Nobody's innocent," had me rolling my eyes, as did the evil vampire with the aristocratic style of speech. Also, I'll be including this one in my personal campaign against films with a gratuitous use of a colon in the title. I'll pass. Ryan Stewart reviewed the film here.

Snoop Dogg's Hood of Horror
The trailer for this horror anthology reminds me of HBO's Tales From the Crypt series, particularly with Snoop Dogg playing the "Cribkeeper," but it also recalls 1995's Tales From the Hood, another feature-length collection of horror tales from an African-American perspective. Most of the Hood of Horror trailer plays like a hip-hop music video, so it's hard to get a bead on story elements, but the imagery will grab your attention (notably the animated segments), and if you're like me you'll find yourself asking "what the hell is Jason Alexander doing here?" This looks cool. Jette Kernion reviewed the film here.

- Not a horror film, but a grimly fascinating true story about Albert Pierrepoint, a British hangman who executed many war criminals in the days after World War II. The trailer shows Pierrepoint played with the professionalism and detachment one would imagine the job requires by Timothy Spall, probably best known to U.S. audiences for his portrayal of Peter Pettigrew in the Harry Potter films. Pierrepoint's wife is seen insisting that no mention of his work should enter their house, which makes you wonder how it is possible to check that sort of emotional baggage at the door. According to Wikipedia, he executed 433 men and 17 women over the course of his career. I doubt there are any actual scares here, but the film looks grim and very British. This I want to see.

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